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Our favourite HONG KONG based instagram
fitness star, YouTube sensation and globetrotter...
First of all, congrats on your recent engagement, and to hitting 700k subscribers on YouTube!
Thank you!
What inspired you to launch your channel and create videos?
Things have not been going too well at work and I wanted to be able to start my own work where I
can have a say in my fate - and I am very thankful that YouTube provides a platform where the
harder you work, the more chance you will have in success. It also allows me to share my life, my
passion for fitness, travelling and eating with the world.
What was the hardest obstacle for you to overcome during this journey?
Learning everything about Youtube, content creation, filming, editing etc. from scratch. The only help I got was from Google, so it wasn't easy figuring out everything by myself - I still struggle to this day.
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You’ve been very open with your past bulimia struggles - what is your advice for other girls going
through similar self-esteem/body issues?
We are all humans, we all have insecurities but you just need to own it because at the end of the
day you will never be anyone else but you. Confidence is what makes someone attractive.
What tips do you have for those starting out on their health journey?
Take it step by step, don’t expect an overnight miracle. Even just start with a 10-15 minutes work out
daily and being more conscious about what you eat - trying to be healthier is already good enough.
What are your top 3 favourite dishes?
I love hot pot, anything with melted cheese, and grilled meat!
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How do you stay motivated to be healthy when you travel? Any tips?
I try to squeeze in some quick workouts here and there but most of the time I just try to enjoy the
experience and the yummy food - for me that’s the definition of having a healthy mindset.
Which trip has been most memorable to you and why?
I spent 3 months backpacking Europe after I graduated. I hadn’t started instagram and Youtube yet
so it was quite a social media free trip and I didn’t have to focus on taking photos and creating
content everywhere I went. It was just pure and free.
What is one thing that your fur baby Poodle Ball B Ju does that always melts your heart?
Kissing me and running after me to welcome me home everyday.
You and your partner Chad are couple goals, how did you two meet?
Chad knew me from school (same university, same course but he’s one year older). We had a brief
conversation at one of the events, and then we became Facebook friends. But only Chad
remembered this part, I never knew. For me, we met in Lan Kwai Fong partying and that’s when we
started hanging out and chatting, but he had already graduated by then.
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What is one thing you have not yet done, but is on the top of your bucket list?
Get married
Finish this sentence, a perfect day for me would be…
A staycation with my family, Chad and my dog.
What’s next for you?
I recently quit my job and will focus on Youtube full time!
Lots of Love, xoxo
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