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1/ What sparked your interest in photography?
My interest in photography actually started when I went travelling to Korea.
That was when I bought my first camera, a (now discontinued) Samsung NX-500.
I started learning the ins and outs of my camera, as well as composition and lighting,
taking it everywhere with me on the streets of Seoul and Busan.
I fell in love with the craft, and since then I have been taking all kinds of photos.
Nowadays I specialise in portraits.
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2/ What is your favourite season and time of day to shoot?
Spring and 5-6pm, I love shooting with clear skies and colourful flowers,
paired with soft angled lighting or even at golden hour.
3/ Which is your favourite lens and why?
Hands down: Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art, I’ve used this lens exclusively
for the last two years for all of my shoots. It’s my favourite focal length to capture
a portrait subject in their landscape, and it has a great bokeh (depth of field).
4/ What is your favourite subject to photograph?
Portraits. I find that it is the most interesting thing to capture and observe.
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5/ Tell us about your inspiration for Good Shot Mate and how it was born?
For a couple years, I have been organising a variety of photography events in
Melbourne. One day a Brisbane based photography community reached out to me
and said “we want you to host one under our brand in Melbourne”,
and I agreed to the task. We organised a road trip to the Great Ocean Road,
with 10 photographers, 2 models, 1 bus. We traveled to three amazing locations,
took many great photos and had an amazing creative journey filled with collaboration.
We arrived back in the city for dinner and had a discussion around the table.
"This was amazing, let’s continue doing this under our own name." So we had a
think of what kind of title would suit our newfound community, and that’s how
Good Shot Mate was born.
6/ If we are looking to start our photography journey, what equipment would you recommend?
I’d recommend using what is currently available to you, whether that be your phone
or a camera you have at home. Learn the ins and outs of it and try to use it as
much as possible to grasp the principles of photography.
7/ Top 5 tips for beginner photographers learning to shoot?
  • 1)Take photos as often as possible; practice is everything
  • 2)Learn from the greats; follow photographers that inspire you
  • 3)Join photography events to learn skills from others, as well as network and make friends
  • 4)Don’t be afraid to ask others for advice/collaboration
  • 5)Don’t stop!
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8/ What photo editing software do you use? Take us through your editing process…
After my photoshoots, I mainly use Adobe Lightroom to sort through photos,
edit colours and tone, exporting etc. Then I use Adobe Photoshop for any
retouching work or image manipulation.
9/ Top 3 tips on how to capture an interesting photo?
In general:
1) Use different angles to your advantage. Try a variety of high, medium and low angles and see which one works best in each scenario.
2) Try to stick to a colour palette. Some colours go better together than others, so it would be good to know what you’re working with and how it can make the photo more interesting.
3) Try to capture an emotion. Facial expressions and body language are key communicators of emotion in a photo.
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10/ When you go travelling, what is a must-have to take with you?
Bring an extra battery or SD card. Nothing worse than arriving at your dream
destination and running out of juice!
The Team
Lots of Love, xoxo

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