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Influencer, Fashionista, Globe Trotter...
A.K.A 4EvaJessie
What are your favourite makeup products and best makeup tips?
Good foundations and contouring products are quite essential for me. A face with flawless skin
and good contouring definitely earn bonus visual points, especially during photoshoots. I have
tried many different makeup products, the truth is, I found the best make ups are often not
correlated with their pricing tags. Some of my favourite ones Anastasia Beverly Hills,
Makeup forever, Urban Decay, and Yves Rocher. Having said that, I have a fetish toward Tom
Ford - I'm crazy about it!
How do you keep so fit?
I exercise almost every day! I try to alternate between high intensity workouts, resistance
workouts and stretching classes. A typical week would consist of Muay Thai, Crossfit, Barre, Ariel
Yoga, Bootcamp and PiIate reformer classes. I found going to the gym and exercising by myself
to be quite boring, so I tend to go to 1-1 or group classes. However, I spend more than half of my
time traveling around, so keeping fit and keeping up with my exercise routine is a little more
challenging when I'm on the road! If I'm lucky, I will get a nice gym in the hotel, and sometimes
the place is quite boutique, then I will find some space in the room or outdoors for crossfit
exercises that only require gravity and my own body mass.
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What would we find in your bag?
I'm a minimalist and I love small bags. So normally you don't find anything more than just a
phone, cardholder, keys, and maybe a lipstick too!
What is your favourite food/dish/cuisine?
I love Japanese food and Spanish food. I can have those every day, and those
only for the rest of my life!
Where are your favourite places to hang out in HK?
I'm a beach babe. So during the weekends, I love to hang out at Repulse Bay Beach and my
favourite are the junk boat parties. These are the typical boat parties in Hong Kong, where
everyone boards in the morning, dock the yacht/boat at a nice beach to swim and chill, and on
top of that you get free flow alcohol and food! Doesn’t that sound like heaven?!
As for nightlife, Hong Kong isn't that big, and everyone pretty much goes to the same
bars and clubs. I recently wrote about how to PartyLikeARockStar in Hong Kong for Calzedonia, you can read on from the link here.
What is your go-to drink?
Almost all of my friends know that I only have 2 go-to drinks! If it's at the beginning of the night,
I will start with a negroni before my wines with dinner. As my party mood kicks in, coffee patron
(coffee flavoured tequlia) is the only shot that I drink!
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What is the weirdest thing about you/something not many people know?
To be honest I can't think of one. However, there are definitely 'secrets' I can think of that not
many people know except my close friends. I was pretty sick during my first year uni until the
third year. I was pretty much sent to the hospital by ambulance every second month. The doctors
in Australia had no idea what exactly was wrong with me. Each time, I was sick for 5-7 days and I
had a fever of 40C degrees. There were so many times I couldn't attend my final exams, and I
had to resit to it. There were several occasions that I had to cancel my trip plans at the very last
minute. Towards the end of third year uni, I was traveling in China and I got sick again. I was
lucky enough that I had an army doctor for consultation and he correctly diagnosed me within 5
minutes after pressing around on my tummy. I had an ERCP surgery after that, and I have been
fine ever since. So what was the actual diagnose? Ping me if you really want to know =P
What are the best places you've ever travelled to?
Too many!! Out of the 60+ countries I have been, my three favorites are:
  • 1 / Maldives: that's a no brainer!
  • 2 / Brazil: I love the food, the passions of the people, the street art, and the beaches in the
    country. I would love to go back there again, but I have too many other places on top of my
    list that I want to visit
  • 3 / Israel: First of all, the country is so rich in history. It's so fascinating. As I travelled through the
    country, I learnt so much about its history all the way back from the Roman times. Second their
    food is so amazing! All the restaurants and bars are so trendy and hipster. It didn’t feel like I was
    in the Middle East, it was more like I was in Europe!
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    Describe your perfect day...
    I can't think of what a perfect day would be like for me, but I can tell you what a typical day of
    mine is like. I rise around 7am everyday because I'm so used to getting up early from my banking
    days. I'm quite efficient during the morning and I normally get all my work done by noon.
    Most of my workouts are scheduled during lunch time and I will grab a salad after the workout.
    Afternoon is all about running errands and attending events. However, on my busy days I will
    dedicate all my afternoon time for work too. Night time is either about "me Time" or "friends Time".
    I either stay at home to chill and wind down my day or catch up with friends for dinner or drinks.
    This is pretty much what a typical day is like for me. However, since I travel more than half of my
    days in the year, this only applies to the days when I'm not traveling.
    Lots of Love, xoxo
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