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Gorgeous chinese-canadian model, Actress,
International yogi and Our muse
What are your favourite makeup products and best makeup tips?
  • 1 / Urban Decay compact powder foundation (my fav!!)
  • 2 / Mac lipstick in Fauve
  • 3 / I'm currently really into skincare by Jurlique
  • How do you keep so fit?
    I love keeping fit by being active. Yoga, surfing, boxing, exploring, swimming in the ocean.
    I'm an island girl at heart, I feel the most fit when I'm living side by side with nature.
    What would we find in your bag?
    My wallet, iphone, my compact powder, Mac Fauve lipstick, hand cream, wet wipes, sometimes
    a book, power bank (Always!! Hate when my phone dies), sarong (I use it as a scarf when I'm
    cold). Ya i carry a lot of stuff around haha!
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    What are your favourite dishes or cuisines?
  • 1 / Pad thai is probably my favourite dish
  • 2 / Favourite cuisines are Thai, Japanese and Italian
  • 3 / Salmon onigiris!!
  • Where are your favourite places to hang out in Hong Kong?
  • 1 / The beach! Sai Kung is beautiful
  • 2 / I love shopping in Causeway Bay
  • 3 / Hanging out and walking around in Soho and Central with friends
  • 4 / Chi Lin Nunnery in Diamond Hill is gorgeous
  • What is your go-to drink?
    Water and coconut water.
    Weirdest thing about you/something not many people know?
    I grew up with all boys, so I was a tomboy. When I started school I was really rough around the
    edges and didn't know how to interact with girls. I would push them and be rough with them like I
    was with the boys. I eventually learned that that wasn't how to make girl friends! I'm still a
    tomboy at heart :)
    Gingham Thalia Tie Back Dress When in Rome Playsuit
    Describe your perfect day...
    Waking up in the morning and teaching a yoga class at 8:30am. Then having an acai bowl with
    granola, peanut butter, cacao nibs and coconut for breakfast. The next few hours just hanging
    out catching up on emails and doing my social media duties. Then going for a two hour surf in
    the afternoon with my friends until the sun sets.
    And what are the best places you've ever travelled to?
  • 1 / Hawaii. A part of me never left that place, I have the most unforgettable memories
    there. It'll always have a special place in my heart.
  • 2 / Thailand. It's my second home and I've been to the most beautiful places there from Phuket
    to Krabi to Koh Samui to Ching Mai to Pai.
  • 3 / Siargao!!! My new favourite place. I'm currently here right now and I'm not kidding, everyday
    keeps getting better and better :)
  • Lazy Palms One Piece Swimsuit
    Lots of Love, xoxo
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