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London based sunchaser and #blackcoralbabe Hanna Thomas, aka @solarpoweredblonde is used to living life out of a suitcase. She travels multiple times a month, exploring the world with her photographer & videographer partner Boyan Ortse, creating the most stunning aerial and drone footage we’ve ever seen! A nurse until recently, we sat down with Hanna to get the inside scoop about life as a full-time travel blogger…
1/ Tell us a little bit about yourself...
I was born in London and have always loved living there. My first trip
to Sri Lanka was what made me fall in love with travelling. Ever
since, I have travelled as much as I could whilst working as a
children’s nurse until this year, when I finally quit my job to travel
full-time and put everything into my travel blog!
2/ What inspired you to start blogging and how did you start out?
I started my Instagram page about a year ago and had so many
questions about my travels that I decided to write all my answers down
on a blog so I could share my travel tips with everyone!
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3/ You and Bayon look so cute together in all your travels, how did you two meet?
Boyan and I actually met through Instagram! I slid into his DM’s
and shortly after he had a trip planned to London – that’s where we met!
We haven’t stopped travelling together since.
4/ We adore your video content – it’s so creative, professional and high quality. How did you guys get
into this, did you do any courses or are you self-taught?
Boyan has a background in graphic design and is a self-taught videographer.
Together we work with brands and hotels around the world to create videos.
5/ Being two creatives in a partnership can be hard – how do you and Boyan decide what content to
create, and are there ever any creative differences?
We both have our own cameras and drones, so we have creative freedom
there… however quite often our content is unplanned. Boyan snaps away,
I will be wearing pieces by different brands and that’s how we create
content! We are always in new places so this makes it easy as we are
inspired whenever we are away. In our most recent IGTV in Mykonos,
we woke up at 5:30am to head into Old Town to get some video shots.
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6/ What are the top 3 destinations you haven’t been to yet and why?
I have never been to Australia and would really love to go! I have never
had the opportunity and have been busy exploring Asia so far, but the
next long-haul trip really should be Australia!


I have never been to South America either and I'm desperate to go, it
looks absolutely incredible.


Another place at the top of my bucket list is the Amalfi Coast, but
I've heard it’s very expensive so it’s still on the list!
7/ Best travel tips when travelling on a budget?
I travel full time so I'm always on a budget! My top tips are:


• Make as much of your own food as you can. When Boyan and I were
in Sardinia and Portugal, we always had an Airbnb so I made
breakfast at home and sandwiches for lunch. And then we treat ourselves
to a few dinners out.


• Another tip is to head to Asia as it is much cheaper to eat and get
around! In Mykonos a scooter to rent was 25 Euros a day compared to
Bali where it was 3 Euros a day! So that's my last tip, rent a scooter
wherever you are, it's so much easier to park and jump off when you need
to stop and take some photos. And usually much cheaper than a car.
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8/ Can you please share your craziest experience while travelling?
One of the craziest moments whilst travelling was when I got a sleeper
bus in Vietnam, and was squeezed into a coffin-like box to sleep in, only to
be told to get off in the middle of the night.


Later on, I was told that was a scam to put you on cheaper transport.
But it was actually for the best as I got on a normal bus with no need
to be squashed into a claustrophic box!
9/ What was the biggest cultural shock you experienced and where was it?
I think my biggest cultural shock was when I went to Nepal to work in
a hospital for 6 weeks. I learnt so much and really saw how people live
up in the mountains where they really have nothing.
10/ What are the next plans for you and Boyan?
Next up is more and more travel! We are working with lots of fashion
brands to shoot their latest collections, tourism boards to promote various
countries and making videos for hotels. Next up is Copenhagen, Malmo,
Malta, Poland, Mykonos (again!) and Portugal so far!
Lots of Love, xoxo

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