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Editor by day, foodie by night, Pearl Yan is one of our favourite #blackcoralbabes - and a force to be reckoned with. When she is not working out in the gym, she is travelling somewhere off-the-beaten-path (or thinking about her next crazy adventure). This boss babe has also recently launched Chika Mag, a new empowerment ecosystem that celebrates all things women – a venture we can definitely get behind 110%!

1/ Tell us a bit about yourself! What were you doing before Chika Mag?

I was an editor at Tatler Hong Kong, actually I’m still a full-time editor, now at MICHELIN Guide.

2/ Why did you start Chika Mag and what inspired the name "Chika"?

I had the idea of launching my own media platform when I was unemployed in the last 3 months of 2020. At that time, I was freelancing for magazines and had the opportunity to connect with female entrepreneurs who have so much drive and passion for what they do. Inspired by the struggles and challenges they’ve gone through, I decided to create a platform where I can put these women in the spotlight and support their work. There’s women networking websites and female-driven magazines but there wasn’t a platform that celebrates women through empowering storytelling, community and events.

Since then, Chika has evolved into a women empowerment ecosystem where we capture the lifestyle and journey of female leaders and entrepreneurs through forward-thinking journalism, and invite-only access to exclusive product launches and experiences—created by and for women.

Chika is a word play on "chica", (meaning "female friend" in Spanish); it's also a Japanese feminine name, meaning "wisdom celebration".

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3/ What were the toughest hurdles you found in starting?

Not having enough time! Obviously Chika is a passion project for me at the moment so I only get to work on it on weekends. There’s so much to do and I’m the only person—at least for now—to edit articles, create social media posts, build relationships, explore partnerships etc. But I’m very grateful that I have writers who are contributing content to Chika which is a weight off my shoulders!

4/ How did you persevere through the tough times?

When I go through tough times, I ask myself: “Who needs me to bring my A Game right now? What would a Chika do?” I need to stay strong and be an inspiration for women who need Chika. I know for a fact that any of our articles, social media posts, and Experiences (events) could change the way someone looks at themselves at any moment, so that gives me a sense of purpose.

5/ Biggest moment/accomplishment that you are proudest of so far?

Chika has only been launched for less than a month and we’ve already hosted our first Chika Experience. Chika Experiences are events designed to elevate women’s lifestyles - helping them feel empowered, more confident and connected with themselves and others.

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6/ How do you motivate yourself? In work and in life, in general?

I surround myself with good people. I don’t allow space for any negativity or toxicity. That means setting boundaries, and spending time on things and people that matter.

7/ If you had to start over from scratch, knowing what you know now, what would you do differently?

I wouldn’t have done anything differently. But to be honest, I’m at a very early stage of my business so I may have a different answer a few years down the line.

8/ What are your future plans & goals with Chika Mag?

I plan to expand Chika regionally, once regional/international travel is resumed. My dream is to host events outside of Hong Kong and connect with like-minded female entrepreneurs around the world through Chika.

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9/ Who/what inspires you and how/why?

I'm truly inspired by the female entrepreneurs around me on a daily basis. They hustle and never settle for less. They're also major problem solvers, always making things work even though they have many responsibilities and juggling a million things at the same time.

10/ What are your favourite local/HK brands?

Black Coral, Zare, Rare SkinFuel, Botanic Pretti5, Skin Need, WOODO, Good Days, Caelum Greene, Naked Lab.

11/ What's one core message/advice for any budding journalists/writers out there?

Don’t wait for opportunity. Create it.

12/ What is (are) your favourite Blackcoral piece(s)?

I actually only started wearing floral prints since I started purchasing from Black Coral – and I’ve never looked back. No matter the occasion, I know I can trust in these pieces to dress up or down depending on my mood:

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Lots of Love, xoxo

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