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We had the pleasure of sitting down with Hong Kong influencer Venus Ng - who regularly takes us away to a magical land with her other-wordly pictures. We chat about how she started blogging, her other business Venus Starland, and her top tips to aspiring bloggers!

1/ Tell us about yourself!

我是一位KOL,也是一間網店的店主,我喜歡美麗的衣, 美麗的事情, 和美麗的心 靈, 每天都在為這些而努力的活著。

Aside from being a KOL and I am also the owner of an online shop. I like beautiful clothes, beautiful things, and beautiful spirits. I make an effort for these every day.

2/ What were you doing before you became an influencer?

在成為KOL之前我是一位平面設計師,在不同的公司擔任市場設計師,主要負責宣傳 部門或平面設計出品。

Before becoming a KOL, I worked in various companies and my main role was as a graphic designer responsible for the promotion of commercial and graphic design production.

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3/ How did you start your IG + blog page? / What inspired you to start?

我很相信吸引力法則,大概就是年輕時不懂美容護膚和化妝,而且很懶去了解。那時 候覺得如果有免費美容產品贊助和教導我化妝就好了。結果宇宙安排了做KOL的路給我,慢慢出席品牌活動後學到了很多美容技巧和心得! 在失業的時候跟朋友到處去 Cafe,發現拍下很多美照便嘗試由IG和Blog開始分享到網絡上,慢慢吸引followers和 朋友追蹤我。

I believe in the Law of Attraction. When I was younger, I didn’t know how to use skin care products and makeup to make myself more beautiful, and I was too lazy to learn about it. At that time, I thought it would be great if I could try beauty products for free and also someone could teach me how to use these products properly. One day, I was arranged by fate to become a KOL. I gradually took part in brand promotion events, which is where I learnt many new beauty skills and accumulated experiences. When I went with my friends to cafes during my unemployment period, I found many beautiful places and took photos of them, then shared them on my IG and my blog, which gradually attracted more and more followers.

4/ How would you describe your fashion style?

我的風格很隨心的,隨著心情而打扮,很討厭固定模式的局限。我喜歡歐美, 澳洲, 法國等外國的花紋圖案,令人感覺高貴而有氣質。我也喜歡純白色的連身裙,舒服讓 人覺得友善。

My style follows my heart and I dress up as I like. I do not like to limit myself to a fixed style. I prefer European, Australian, and French floral designs as they look naturally pretty and elegant. I also love pure white dresses, as they tend to be very comfortable and looks great on.

5/ Who is your style icon and why?

老實說我沒有特別的时尚偶像,人類的行為模式很可愛,會很容易跟隨別人,我不想 令自己有太多襯衫的框架,沒有對象,我就能隨心隨意地穿我喜愛的衣服。

To be honest, I don’t have any specific fashion idols. We humans tend to easily follow others and trends. But I do not like having such fixed "style rules", so that I am not constrained and I can wear what I like.

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6/ Your magical images are very distinct - how did you learn to edit like that?

身為平面設計師,對照片的修圖技術有一定要求,我看很多外國 New Age, 太空, 魔 法的IG POST,加上天馬行空的想法,慢慢融入在日常照片裏。

As a graphic designer, I have good skills and experience in retouching photographs, and a large number of my IG posts are inspired by ideas such as New Age, Outer Space, and Magic. I also like to use my unconstrained imagination on my daily life photos.

7/ What equipment do you normally use to shoot and edit with?

男朋友是攝影師,主要他用什麼相機我就用什麼相機,我出席活動用手機就可以,修 圖主要都是Lightroom和Snapseed.

My boyfriend is a skillful photographer and I usually use the same camera as his. But I can also use my mobile phone to take photos at events, and I use Lightroom and Snapseed to retouch the photos later.

8/ Top 3 tips to aspiring bloggers?

1. 找出自己才有的風格。

2. 對每間餐廳, 每個合作單位, 每個人都友善禮貌 (我看過太多不尊重別人的畫面,尤其是food blogger對侍應的態度,這會影響自己聲譽。

3. 無時無刻在想如何帶給別人新鮮感。

1. Find your own style.

2. Be respectful and treat everyone with kindness, especially the people working at events/restaurants and brand partners. I have seen many food bloggers who do not have respect for others, especially to waiters/waitresses, which will adversely affect their reputation.

3. I am constantly thinking about how to present fresh ideas to others.

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9/ Top 3 fav places to shoot in HK?

1. 迪士尼,每張照都能令你發揮想像力。

2. 中上環,Cafe較多,街道很闊,平日人較少,容易捕捉想要的角度,調色較歐美風 格。

3. 離島的地方,接近大自然的景色,令人容易愛上又看得舒服,自己也拍得開心。

1. At Disney, every picture inspires your imagination.

2. In Sheung Wan and Central, there are many cafes and wide streets with only a few people walking around during the week days - this provides an environment that makes it easy to capture the angle you desire in your photos and the colour palette looks more European/American style.

3. The Outlying Islands have beautiful natural scenery, which makes it easy to fall in love with and comfortable to see, and I have a good time taking pictures there.

10/ Favourite parts about being a KOL and least favourites?

我喜歡感染他人,讓身邊的人都關注自己的身心靈,減少做傷害自己的事情。不喜歡一些複雜的事情和人,這會影響自己身心靈的平衝,不過我的情況較少,吸引 力法則令我身邊遇到的朋友都是好人。

I like to influence others in positive ways and to make my audience focus on their own spirits and body so that they can reduce doing things that hurt themselves. I do not like complicated things and/or people, which affect the balance of your spirit and body. Fortunately, I am lucky as my belief in the Laws of Attraction makes all people around me good ones.

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11/ What is something that people may not know about you?

我是一個懂得力量和身心靈圈的人,但我是看不到靈體的。頻率較高的很少見到他 們。

I am a person who is aware of energies and spirituality, but I cannot see spirits. People with higher frequencies rarely see them.

12/ Aside from being a KOL, you also have a spiritual store - can you tell us a bit about that?

我們店叫Venus Starland,Venus是我出生便有的名字。也是維納斯愛美神的名字,她掌管人類的美, 愛和性,她支持在地球上每顆靈魂都應該勇敢追求愛情,推崇自由 戀愛。
我覺得和我開店的宗旨與使命很相似,占卜的客人有90%都在問愛情,大部分女性都 不懂得愛錫自己的靈魂,所以希望運用水晶, 魔法用品和占卜上,協助大家的愛情故事都能順利和美滿。

Our shop is named Venus Starland. Venus is the name I had since I was born and it is also the name of the goddess of beauty, love and sex. She encourages every spirit on earth to bravely chase love and freedom. This is also the purpose of my shop. 90% of those who believe in divination ask for love, but most of them can hardly love their own spirit. This is the main reason that we use crystals and magic products for divination - to help everyone achieve successful and perfect love stories.

Lots of Love, xoxo

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