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Meet our favourite cape town based travel blogger and puppy enthusiast
How did you become a travel blogger?
I have the best family and friends - they were super interested and supportive of my traveling, they
always wanted to see photos and hear about my trips. Also, any friends that were traveling to a
place I’ve been would always contact me to ask for tips and cool must-do activities. So I
decided to make a blog with all the details of each of my trips, this way I could just send them a link!
Now that my following has grown a bit I share it with my IG tribe!
What were you doing before you discovered the blogging world?
I actually started a cheerleading company with my father when I was 17, so I was running that.
When I started traveling a lot, I got another job working for an online company answering their
customer service e-mails. This was perfect because I could be anywhere in the world and work!
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For those who have not visited Cape Town before, what is a must do for the first time you go?
Cape Town is INCREDIBLE! There is so much to do and after 3 years of being here I still haven’t
finished everything on my Cape Town TO-DO list! There is just so so so much! But for a first trip to
Cape Town I would recommend the super cliché tourist attractions like seeing the penguins
at Boulders Beach, hike Lions Head, take the cable car up Table Mountain, go to the weekend
markets, go wine tasting (the vineyards are some of the best!), go shark cage diving… I could really
go on and on!
Do you still get jet lag even though you travel so much? What is your top tip for combating jet lag?
I actually don't experience jet lag. I think it's because I am ALWAYS tired...haha. It's rare for me to
fully catch up on sleep since I am always on the go and my boyfriend never sleeps, so I can't
always full asleep and stay asleep.
How do you maintain such flawless skin with all the flying between countries?
Detox wipes for sure! I hardly ever wear make up on the plane and since most of my flights are
24-30 hours I wash my face with detox wipes every 8 hours or so! Then when I am not traveling on
a plane I make sure to wash my face every morning and night. I love the Clarisonic - I’ve had it for
years - I’m not sure if they even exist anymore haha.
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You look amazing in all your swimwear photos, how do you maintain your physique?
I do weight lifting about 5 days a week and am super active over the weekend doing either yoga,
HIIT class or hiking!
What is the one country you have not been to yet but are dying to go to and why?
It’s a tie between Japan and Switzerland I think. Japan is just totally different
from anywhere else I’ve traveled to whilst Switzerland is just absolutely stunning!
Do you have a mantra you live by?
Yes - with whatever I do in life "be able to win and lose with the same level of enthusiasm."
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What is one thing you’ve never done but would love to do?
I actually have a whole bucket list on my blog but the first thing that comes to mind is riding in
a hot air balloon!
Finish the sentence… you are happiest when…
I am cuddled up with my boyfriend and puppies
Lots of Love, xoxo





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