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Banana, coffee and toast with
The kindness echoes
Georgia wears the Valencia Dress

2 Shots of Coffee
2 Ripe Bananas
Fresh Sourdough bread
1/4 Cup of Soy milk (almond also works fine)
Niulife Certified Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Hemp Seeds, Organic Maple Syrup, Fresh Berries, Mango, Coyo Coconut Yoghurt & Loving Earth Chocolate

Or, you can also choose to use whatever your heart desires!


Step 1:

Slice sourdough bread

Step 2:

Blend the coffee, banana and
mylk together.

Step 3:

Pour the mixture into a deep bowl and dip sliced
sourdough on both sides.

Make sure the bread is fully coated.

Step 4:

Heat pan until coconut oil melts.

Then cook toast until golden on each side.

Step 5:

Plate it up and top it with
your favourite toppings.

Begin by adding fresh cut fruit...

...then sprinkle some hemp seed and
drizzle some organic maple syrup from
The Source Bulk Food...

...add a generous scoop of
Coyo Organic Coconut
Milk Yoghurt...

...and lastly drizzle with lots and lots of
melted Loving Earth Chocolate!


This will serve 2-3 people...or yourself depending on how hungry you are!

Enjoy and always remember to support Kindness

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