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What’s your lucky colour this year?

Chinese New Year 2024 is fast approaching - in fact it kicks off this weekend, Saturday, February 10. This year ushers in the Year of the Wood Dragon, which occurs once every 60 years! 

According to tradition, one of the simplest yet most effective ways to attract positive energy into one's life is to wear a lucky color.

While Pantone's Color of the Year may be Peach Fuzz, Feng shui experts have declared that the auspicious shade for 2024 is none other than the lush and rich emerald green. Other generic colors recommended for this year are lime green and emperor yellow. These colors align with the elements of wood and earth, complementing the Dragon year. Red and white are also suggested to balance the year's energy, representing the fire and metal elements.

But is green really the luckiest of them all?

Turns out, it depends. Here are our personalized color recommendations based on their natural element and the prevailing energies of 2024:


Rat (Water): Yellow, browns, blue or black to enhance luck. Green or red is advised for career negotiations. While there are challenges ahead, you should expect and seize every opportunity that comes your way.

What to wear for CNY 2024 - rat

Ox (Earth): Sage green and shades of grey to balance excessive energy. Red or orange if seeking recognition. You might need to put in more effort than others, but patience and careful planning will bring in rewards.

What colour to wear for CNY - ox

Tiger (Wood): Blue, black, turquoise or aquamarine to manage overwhelming abundance and boost creativity. You are encouraged to be more adventurous as it could propel you towards the success that you are looking for.

What to wear for CNY 2024 - tiger

Rabbit (Wood): Pale blue, pale green or lemon for health and overcoming obstacles. You will gain support and strength which will guide you to a fulfilling and rewarding journey.

What colour to wear CNY - rabbit

Dragon (Earth, Wood in 2024): Coral red, bright yellow, white or gold for breakthroughs and protection. You may find yourself feeling unlucky but the dragon’s prowess will guide you to unlock extraordinary opportunities.

What colour to wear CNY - dragon

Snake (Fire): Green, purple, white or gold to enhance self-improvement and career luck. This year favours the serpentine, and your choices in your career can lead you to a prosperous path ahead.

What to wear for CNY 2024 - snake

Horse (Fire): Yellow, orange or green to harmonize with strong fire energy and navigate challenges. This year can bring thrilling opportunities for you.

What colour to wear CNY - horse

Goat (Earth): Turquoise, purple, orange or grey to reduce pressure from strong earth energy. The beginning can be challenging, but you can find opportunities waiting for you to grab them.

What to wear for CNY - goat

Monkey (Metal): White, orange or yellow to maintain equilibrium in a balanced metal year. This year will come swinging with boundless opportunities, with some unexpected but delightful surprises.

What to wear for CNY - monkey

Rooster (Metal): Sea blue, raffia, straw yellow or orange for smooth progress and recognition. Your foresight and hard work will pave the way for prosperity, both at work and in life.

What to wear for CNY - rooster

Dog (Earth): White, gold, orange or peach to overcome challenges in a shared earth year. You may need to put in hard work this year so the fruits of your labour will come in a full basket.

What to wear for CNY - dog

Pig (Water): Pink, lavender or pale blue to draw on easily available luck in a water-deficient chart. You will see a mix of both positive and negative this year, but it will also bring a trail of golden opportunities. 

As you gear up for the festivities, incorporating these lucky colours into your outfits is a simple yet powerful way to align with the energies of 2024. 

So, whether it's a vibrant bold red or a calming cool green, let the colours of the Wood Dragon year maximize your luck, health, wealth and guide you towards a prosperous and harmonious future. 

From the Black Coral team, we wish you a prosperous and happy Chinese New Year 2024!



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